A smart sticker, that warns about risk of ice on the floor


Appearance of the sticker at higher temperatures. It states the purpose and can also contain the logo of a partner.


The sticker after the change - when the temperature drops. The background changes to blue, the main message stays white. The falling man and the snowflakes visually warn us about the posibility of slippery floor. These symbols are the first thing we recognize. There is also a warning message written with big letters.

SmartNanoTech team offers a solution to warn the user about the posibility of ice on the floor. The sticker in the shape of a traffic sign can be applied at the entrance or on the steps. It is suitable for houses, residental blocks, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, office buildings... The sticker is white when it is warm, so there is no false alarm. The top layer is made of thick non-slip plastic, so it is durable and safe.

SmartNanoTech team: Marjan Eftimov, Klavdija Sitar, Gregor Marolt, Klemen Červ